Good books to read by a bold writer,
being the change one word at a time

Meet the Author

My sons inspired me!


I raised my sons Michael and Casey in a house on the water on Long Island. They are the reason I finally got the guts to become an author. Although I always knew I was a writer, I became terrified to pursue my passion. I stopped writing completely and fell into a creative hibernation. When Casey was born I realized I wanted to leave my boys something to remind them of my love. I decided to write a book for them.

Once I started writing again, I was awakened. I felt like a fish who had been caught on a hook, released back into the ocean. I was free, gloriously free to be who I was meant to be! 

I love words!

I love books! Growing up an only child, books saved my life. I could never be lonely while reading.

Fun for me is playing with words, searching for the perfect phrases to string together. It’s a thrill! Growing up, books kept me from being lonely. I was an only child— but the characters in books were always with me. I also wrote stories, and even started authoring a novel in 6th grade. It was called The Fortunate  Corpse, and its hero (definitely an anti-hero) was Michael Baron. In my mind, he looked and acted like Pete from The Mod Squad, a show I watched in daily reruns when I came home from school.

My religion is love

Love trumps all coffee mug.

On my home page I state that I’m an author who is being the change one word at a time. That change is love. Like Shakespeare, I examine humanity in crisis and imperiled relationships. I want to know why people hurt each other. I want to portray the devastation, so perhaps people will take notice of their actions. We’re all human, with more in common than not. Love is the answer to everything.  

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.”