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Best Chicklit!

Award winning book

Luna Rising won the Book Excellence Award for Chicklit!

Great Writer’s Steal


LUNA RISING was the subject of a Great Writers Steal essay! 

“Ms. Castrovilla imbues the book with a great deal of pathos and deals with it in much more comprehensive terms than you might find in straight-up romance novels.  (The “heat meter” is also lower.)  These choices make Luna Rising a novel that has a bigger emotional impact.”

-Great Writers Steal



Readers love Luna Rising!

Amazon Reviews:

“I loved it, and I loved getting to know Luna.
Well written, engaging, and absolutely true to self!”

“Loved this provacative, thought-provoking and humor-filled book!”

“An every woman's story

From the first line to the last, I felt that Luna's story was like my own. I challenge you to read it and not find yourself reflected in Luna's struggles to find happiness.”

“Great read - laughed aloud!

For anyone whose been out in the dating scene recently, if you need a dose of laughter with some great characters, this is a must read!”

“An awesome book that just stuck with me because of its honesty, rawness and just how much I wanted to keep turning the page. Really recommend this one!”

“I thought I had the book all figured out!! Boy was I wrong!! Great surprise”

“Clever Dialogue, Fascinating Characters and Quirky Humor Score a Home Run for Luna Rising”

“In Luna Rising, Selene Castrovilla expertly creates a character in Luna that I think many women can relate to deeply…even though most probably would not admit it.”

“May Luna rise to the top of your “To Read” pile.”

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See what readers have to say about this funny and poignant story about a woman’s journey to rise above her childhood and failed marriage—and her misguided attempts to find modern love.